My silence, it does not mean that I quit, it does not mean that I’m gone. It means I need some time alone, to understand why beautiful people come into our lives and leave too soon, to try to unravel the mystery of timing and if there is such a thing as timing and to understand that I only have myself because people may not always stay. My silence doesn’t mean I’m wandering to a far off place, but that I’m thinking, I’m observing. Yes, I observe. When I’m quite, I’m observing how your eyes light up when you talk about something or someone you love, I’m observing how you fear making eye contact and every other little thing.
If I’m quiet, I’m observing the subtle changes in your behaviour. Little things that the world terms as frivolous, but they’re important to me. If I’m quiet, I’m figuring how unreasonable you can be. I observe every little thing, every little twitch of your brow to the externalities.
If I’m quiet, I’m thinking about how people have become walking and talking suckers for money.
In this world of fame, money, success and all other materialistic pleasures, feelings have taken a back seat. Humans lack the very element that makes then human – feelings.
Let’s all take a moment to be silent and think. Let’s give a minute of our rushing lives to actually learn how to live. We got to think, and resurface. It is only us who can bring the humanity back because otherwise in the war of red, it’s the colour of humanity that’s losing.


It’s okay.

It’s okay, to not have an A1 on every test.
It’s okay, to not have your closet sorted.
It’s okay, if your room is a mess.
It’s okay, if you haven’t taken a bath for a week.
It’s okay, if you haven’t made any conversations.
It’s okay, to cry.
It’s okay, to want someone to talk to.
It’s okay, to not feel confident.
It’s okay, if you sleep a little longer.
It’s okay, if you’ve missed a class that you shouldn’t have.
It’s okay, if you want to be alone.
It’s okay, if you want to be with someone.
It’s okay, to feel everything and nothing at all, at the same time.
It’s okay, to be a little selfish.
It’s okay, to sometimes be oblivious.
It’s okay to be skinny, it’s okay to be fat.
It’s okay to be anything that you really want to be.
It’s okay, to not feel okay.
You don’t have to have your life sorted. At times, it’s the mess that’s beautiful. You are incredible just the way you are. You deserve the world. You deserve happiness. So head up, and face the world.


When someone goes out of their way only to see you smile, that is friendship.
When someone stays up all night listening to you cribbing about your life even when they have an assignment due the next day, that is friendship.
When someone talks good behind your back, that is friendship.
When someone stands up for you even if you’re not noticing but because you deserve to be supported, that is friendship.
When someone sees how much a mess you can be and still chooses to stay with you, that is friendship.
When someone is ready to slash the head of anyone who hurts you, that is friendship.

Friendship, is not just a word. It is the essence of life. When you hate your job, have a love life that is all topsy turvy, when on a Sunday morning you find it difficult to find the courage to get out of bed and interact, the one who brings popcorn to your place only to spend time with you is your friend. Friendship is not the people you party and drink with every Saturday in fancy dresses, it is the people who see your ‘pajama and oversized tee’ face, and still think you’re beautiful. It is the people who love you for who you really are. It is the people who push you forward when you barely have the energy to move. It is the people you believe in you when you’re out of hope. It is the people who make you pursue your dreams. Friendship is the purest form of connection between two people, free of all dirt.
Value these people, because it’s them who you will find standing right by you when you’re fired from office. It is them who you will actually be able to count on. Make time for them, they deserve it..

ज़िन्दगी में इतनी तेज़ मत भागो की उसके बाकी रंगो में, दोस्ती का रंग फीका पड़ जाये ।

Be good

​We keep ranting about the problems in our life, don’t we? 

You don’t have the money to buy that super expensive dress that you don’t even need probably. Your best friend didn’t talk to you for a day. Your boyfriend commented on another girl’s picture. Your parents for once, didn’t get you what you wanted. You failed a math test. Your teacher scolded you in front of the class. And the list goes on.. 
But do you know what? There are other people who’re having it worse. Someone just lost their parent when you were crying about your broken nail. Somewhere else, thousands became homeless because of a forest fire of a humongous scale. In another place, a mother lost her child before it was born. At the border, a soldier died in the name of duty and all his family received was a little money that could’ve never replaced him. 
No, I’m not saying that just because others have it worse, your problem is not to be worried about. What I’m saying is, be a little more considerate with the people you meet. They might be at a war with themselves that’ll end if you look at them and smile. Tell people what you like about them. Be kind, the world already has a lot of critics. You never know a few kind words that you say could actually save a life. 

Spread love, not hate. Smile at strangers. Also, one thing that I’ve learned is that we should always look directly at the person’s eyes whom we’re talking to. Their eyes will never lie. If the eyes look tired or sad, mention that. Ask them if they would like to share their sorrow and make them believe that you’re not going to take advantage of it. Help then with whatever it is. 
Make the world a better place to live in. 


Today, even kids aged 13 claim that they’ve found their soulmate. But, how is that even possible?
How can someone be so certain about having met their soulmate?
You can’t possibly know who the ‘right one’ is until you’ve met all 6 billion people existing on this earth.. You can’t judge someone being right or wrong for you unless you’ve met and known everybody?
What if this is an ill fated destiny?
What if you actually have more than one person that your soul connects with?
Aren’t you doing injustice to yourself? To the ones who didn’t even get a chance to know you?
What if you think you belong with someone but you actually don’t and when you realize that, it gets too late? What if?


Do you think that when we think we have found true love, we actually have?

Does true love exist? Or is it just some pretty illusion that we have created in our minds?


Views, appraisals and criticisms are highly encouraged. 🙂


Until we’ve loved an animal with all our heart, a part of our soul remains unawakened.

Have you ever adopted a dog? If you have, you’ll know that nobody on this earth with a population of billions can ever love you more than your dog does because for you, he’s only a part of your life but for him you’re his entire life. If dogs could talk, I’d never make human connections at all.

They’ve accepted you so willingly. You come back home after a long day at work and all your tiredness goes away when you see him wagging his tail and looking at you with a gleam of happiness in his eyes. You play with him, cuddle him, and suddenly it seems like happiness has been restored in this cruel world. No matter what you’ve been going through, no matter if you’ve been failing at all your endeavors in life, he will still love you the same without any judgements and be absolutely proud of your being. He becomes your partner for life, one whom you can count on, always. One who is going to selflessly look after you.

But the sad part of being pet parents is that your four legged friend will part from you sooner than you want to believe. You’ve seen him grow up jumping around your house, it pains immensely to now see him struggle to even walk. It is saddening to see how old age slowly engulfs him and takes away that gleam from his eyes making him fall weak. And all you can do is to watch him struggle and sympathize because your hands are tied of helplessness. He goes through pain silently and his only strength is your love. Then one day, he closes his eyes for a long and peaceful sleep. You’re left behind to mourn and reminisce over his loss.

It is rightly said, heaven is only a place where you find all the dogs you’ve loved, waiting for you.

Death leaves a void and a heartache that no one can heal. More power to everyone who’s gone through or is going through a pet loss, because now I know how it feels to be ripped off something you’ve loved more than yourself.

I’m that girl

I am that girl who moves around malls only to be ridiculed by those pretty dresses on the mannequins because I can’t afford them.

I am that girl who loves people eternally only to be left behind in the race.

I am that girl who sighs on seeing a beautiful face because society doesn’t approve of my looks. Yes, they go on uttering words like, “self love” and “self confidence”, but the same society makes up stereotypes of a perfect girl who’s got long straight locks, clear skin, pretty curves, almond eyes and every such cliché.

I am that girl who is serious when in a relationship and not interested in hookups. I am that girl who believes in true love, how two souls compliment each other into growing and merging.

I am that girl who has never been famous in school or college because I had social anxiety, because I always worried about what people will think about me if they see me.

I am that girl who fumbles down and laughs at herself for being such a moron.

I am that girl who cries herself to sleep because she couldn’t fulfil the societal norms of perfection and idealism.

I am that girl whom you look past in a crowded room, because you don’t find me “attractive”.

I am that girl who has hardly 3 real friends and even they make me paranoid about our friendship.

I am that girl who wears loose t-shirts and not tight fitted dresses.

I am that girl who is utterly disgusted of the comments that are passed by people on the road. I am that girl who is scared of the not-so-nice touches in a public transport.

I am that girl, who tries everyday to starve herself to be able to get into shape, who tries to speak more, be funny, act natural, be more ladylike and look what they call ‘beautiful’.

I am that girl who is made to leave her studies and career and family for a boy who only wants me on his bed.

I am that girl, I am every girl.

So to all the lovely ladies out there, don’t lower your standards for anyone or anything. Self respect is everything. You’ll get respect if you respect yourself enough to kick every annoying soul who makes you feel that you deserve any less than the world. Cheers to us.

Carpe diem

Don’t spend all your time reading quotes that minutely explain your situation. Don’t try to validate your existence through the opinions of others because there are umpteen number of judgemental critics in the world who actually have no right to judge you until they’ve walked in your shoes. Don’t build walls around your heart and keep everyone out because of that one person who left. Let people in, show them your world, wear your heart on your sleeve, enjoy while you can.

Dance to your phone’s ringtone, they’ll call again. Smile at strangers because you never know you could make someone’s day. Talk to that girl you’ve always ignored because she’s quiet. She might turn out to be a great companion. Sort things with the ones you hate. You’ll have more people to love. Y

You will probably not even remember the name of your high school sweetheart who broke your heart in the next 5-6 years. You deserve happiness, don’t let people make you feel any different. Know your worth and believe in your ability. 

People will come, people will go. Some will leave gigantic footprints on your life and some will leave negligible ones. If they want to go, hold the door open for them and thank them for whatever they’ve done. You can’t force anyone to stay in your life, and the human nature says that people will go once they’re bored or their purpose is served.
You’re a gem of a person, a mystery in your own self that you have to solve before time runs out. Dance to the tunes of life, things will fall into place eventually. Do everything that you like without the fear of being judged.

We all have two lives and the second one starts when we realize that we have only one. Live it to the fullest. ❤


It is a concept that we humans have created and bound ourselves with.
“It is not the correct time for this”, ” let’s wait for the right time to arrive”, haven’t we all heard such statements every now and then? But honestly, there’s nothing as such as time. If it is now that you want something, then now is the correct time for it. If you have dreams that are waiting to be turned into reality, now is the correct time to work for them. Don’t wish your days away by procrastinating because it won’t get you anywhere. Live in the present. Do not wait for the future, because it is completely unresolved. You have no idea if things will work out the way you want them to. Don’t live in the past, don’t reminisce over your losses or get elated over your gains. To maintain the gains, you need to keep your confidence below the excess level and keep working and to move ahead, you need to forget the past.
There’s a reason that people from your past didn’t make it to your present, leave them where they belong. Move ahead. There are so many people that are yet to discover your personality.
Take everyday as a fresh challenge. Just focus on the 24 hours that are in front of you and make the best out of it. Work for your dreams, or else someone who worked for theirs will hire you..


We’re all four dimensional beings in a three dimensional world, unresolved in the fourth dimension. [Credits : @lifeisafterallbeautiful]

Parting ways

Our roads bifurcated into two. He left in peace, left me in pieces.
We decided to walk our ways, with packed bags of memories. Some harsh words spoken, some accusations made, and both of our hearts broken. No matter how far we wander, our roots are intertwined.
We might forget all the promises made, all the assurances given, but, we will be alive in each other. I will reside in his memories and he, in my heart. And the two of us, in the pictures that will always have the caption, best friends forever. We’re into the smallest moments of each other’s lives.
Just one regret that stays back, I wish we ended on a real note, and not on misunderstandings. Just one thing that I wish I could tell him, “don’t forget me, don’t regret me”.

I hope she takes care of him when he’s ill (that he is very frequently), I hope she understands his fears like I did. I hope she knows his favourite hangout spot and his favourite dish and makes an effort to make him smile when he’s down. I hope she understands his silence. I hope she stands by him like his pillar of support when the world tries to get him down. I hope, she loves him. I hope, he’s happy because in the end what matters is his happiness.

But it’s anyday better to burn out than to fade away. I will wish the best for him, always. 😦